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The Board
Under Pennsylvania law, school boards are composed of nine members. The term of office is four years. Directors are elected in odd years (e.g. 2015 and 2017), with four seats up for election one year and the other five seats up for election two years later. The seats can either be at-large or districted (in East Penn, all seats are at-large). To serve on a school board, one must be:
  • A citizen of Pennsylvania
  • Of good moral character
  • At least 18 years old
  • A resident of the school district for at least one year prior to election or appointment
The current members of the East Penn School Board are:

NameBegan ServiceCurrent Term Ends
Carol Allen20152019
Ken Bacher, Vice President20112019
Charles Ballard19952019
Alisa Bowman20172021
Paul Champagne20152019
Chris Donatelli20152019
Alan Earnshaw, President20012021
Ziad Munson20132021
Adam Smith20172021

Board Member e-mail addresses can be found at http://www.eastpennsd.org/School%20Board/.

One member of the East Penn School Board serves on the board of Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 (currently Carol Allen). Four members of the board serve on the Joint Operating Committee of the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute (currently Paul Champagne, Chris Donatelli, Alan Earnshaw, and Rebecca Heid). The board also appoints a trustee to the Board of Trustees of Lehigh Carbon Community College (currently former East Penn board member Ann Thompson).
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